Tirellan National School

We are a large urban primary school in Galway city and have used the services of Stephen Hayes (DMS) for the past three years. We were introduced to Stephen through the Galway Diocesan office. Stephen is a utility broker and he has analysed our utility bills – electricity, gas and phone – each year to make sure that we are getting the best available value from the service providers. He checks the standing charges and rates to make sure we are on the correct tariff and on each visit, he has found us a better deal and saved the school substantial amounts of money. His visit lasts less than an hour and I need to give him is a copy of the recent utility bills. Stephen explains everything in a clear “layman’s” language. If I need to change a service provider, he fills out the relevant paperwork there and then and I can then bring this to the Board of Management. There is no charge for his service. Stephen provides a very worthwhile service and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.

Mary Dillon, Principal, Tirellan National School, Tirellan Heights, Galway.

Diocese of Killaloe

The Diocese of Killaloe has been working with Stephen Hayes of DMS for the past three years and we have been very happy with his services. He has worked positively with all the clergy of the Diocese and the feedback from the parishes has been very positive. They report considerable savings in their utility bills, and we look forward to our continuing engagement with his company in the coming years.

Fr Ger Nash, Diocesan Secretary, Diocese of Killaloe

St Brendan’s Cathedral

We have used the services of Stephen Hayes (DMS) for the past number of years and I have been impressed by the service provided by Mr Hayes and his company. There are many benefits associated with the service they provide, the main one being that they guarantee to get the best price for the customer when recommending a Utility Supplier. There is also the benefit of not having to deal with every phone call and visit from the Utility Companies’ representatives who regularly try to recruit new customers. I have found Stephen Hayes efficient and attentive. DMS business is dependent on customer satisfaction. If the company is not providing you with the best market value, then they do not get repeat business. There is no cost to the customer for the service provided which of course is an added bonus!

Monsignor Cathal Geraghty, St Brendan’s Cathedral, Loughrea, Co. Galway


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